Minutes From Meetings

CBACH Meeting Minutes

July 5, 2016, 6:15 pm


• Katie Bevan
• Amanda Mathias-Mizzi
• Tania Webb
• Maurice Switzer
• Liz Lott
• Amy Steele

• Krista Grozelle
• Holly Cunningham


• Dominique Daniels
• Aurelia Wilson

Approval of last meeting’s minutes: Moved by Tania, second by Maurice

Student Tasks

• Review the chamber of commerce calender, create a news letter, update and simplify CBACH website (Dominique)
• Put together a contact list, or database of all organizations and artists involved (Dominique)
• Set up a mailing list (Dominique)
• Publicizing minutes of the meetings to the website, adding outside cultural content to the site
• Farmers’ market booth (saturday, July 16th) promoting CBACH (Dominique), and conducting surveys (Aurelia)
• Create a survey to be asked of the public in order to know what is needed in North Bay culture and where community interest lies (Aurelia)
• We should consider a petition style of surveying the public (perhaps at the farmers’ market)
• The surveys should centre around what we are lacking and what we need in regard to arts and culture, as well as information about summer in the park (why you l ike/don’t like it)
• Look into surveying people at summer in the park
• Surveys should also be conducted about/at the gallery hop
• Should surveys be conducted during the Voyager’s event, Rib Fest?
• Background research on the name change (what forms are needed) (Aurelia)
• Digitizing the constitution
• Figuring out how many surveys need to be conducted, and how many people need to participate in order for it to be significant and reliable data (Aurelia)
• Speak to someone in marketing and research at the university
• Put together a handbook for all tasks and responsibilities of the various roles of CBACH

Farmers’ Market Booth (July 16th)
• Petition style of surveying, one question to ask the public (e.g.; do you support arts and culture in your community?)
• Jaymie offers to represent the youth studio, doing something interactive and fun, and may provide tables for this
• Tania volunteers to help set up the booth and tent
• Katie will ask cogeco to borrow their tent, and bring tables
• must set up by 8am

OAC Project Grant-Hiring a Consultant
• Ian Kilgour (used to work for the city) could help as a local consultant, and Greg Baker could review and sign off on the plan
• Consensus that Ian would be a good consultant in working with the budget and creating a plan of action, and Greg would be a good to sign off on the plan
• Motion to send Ian Kilgour the grant and get a quote from him, moved by Jaymie, second by Tania

Creative Industry Council-Update and Game Plan
• Discussion of whether CBACH should rebrand as Creative Industry Council
• What kind of bureaucracy and forms would be involved?
• Discussion of the strategic value of the new name, and the need for an advocacy group in North Bay
• The rebranding campaign should be carried out under the CBACH title, in order to advertise both names and get the public to associate one with the other
• During Katie and Holly’s meeting with the mayor, he expressed his desire for a concrete plan of what the money ($50,000) would be spent on
• After seeing the CIC plan, the mayor insists “leave the downtown out of it” but seemed positive about the plan and its promise for youth retention
• Recognition of the need for a public art policy, which may be more attainable now that Sudbury has one
• Review of the budget Holly set up for the CIC
• Discussion of whether we should illustrate the goals, city improvement and revenue attained five years from now
• We should approach those against (Dee Adrian) and get those people on board
• If Dee endorses the plan, there will be a higher chance of approval
• Should the kennedy gallery friends be contacted?
• Board supports plan for Katie and Holly to meet with Dee to inform her of CBACH’s role and plan, and obtain a letter of support from Dee
• Maurice explains the importance of getting Mark King on board with the CBACH plan

AGM planning
• Location discussed (youth studio?)
• Katie discusses a new space which would be ready in august, for events and student work
• Financial update
• Must publicly announce having an AGM before having it
• Start talking about the city budget in august
• The AGM needs to show progress of CBACH
• Agreed upon that early august would be the time for an AGM

Other business
• Public council meetings and planning to speak at them
• Others need to personally state what the arts mean to them at these meetings
• Should there be more said than “why I love art?”, perhaps some of our community needs in regard to the arts
• Noted that one cannot present on the same topic at a council meeting twice in the same year
• We should push the city to add a link from their website to the CBACH site

Motion to adjourn moved by Amy, second by Liz at 7:45pm

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